Business Automation Technologies and the Customer Experience

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Are the business automation technologies at your organization creating experiences that enable your employees to better-serve and anticipate the needs of your customers, establish human connections, and create stronger customer relationships?

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic social distancing, this question takes on even greater urgency.  Appian’s “Business Automation Technologies and the Customer Experience” survey explores employee attitudes at large organizations across the United States and Europe with respect to business automation technologies and the “humanization” of business-to-customer relationships.  The results are not good. 82% of respondents agree that organizations need to focus on increasing the humanity of customer interactions and adding greater “personal touch,” but only 41% view the way their organization is using automation as helpful "to a great extent" in forming stronger customer relationships.

Read the report and see how your organization’s use of automation stacks up in a world where:

  • 65% of respondents say the automation technologies used by their organizations are only “somewhat effective” at best in providing all the data and context needed for a full picture of customers.
  • Fewer than half (47%) of all respondents report their organization’s use of technology has significantly increased the amount of time they can spend with customers.
  • Only 30% of respondents use technology tools that empower them “to a great extent” to address complex issues with creative problem-solving, or to change business processes on-the-fly.