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People Centric Process Management

People centric process management is a new and enlightened way to handle an organization’s processes. In people centric process management, any process performed within an organization that requires human interaction can be defined, modeled and automated. Different from document centric process management, which focuses all processes around specific types of or individual documents, people centric process management allows all of an organization’s processes to be handled.

Process management, in general, requires the definition of specific processes within an organization and the monitoring of theses processes to ensure they are performing efficiently. People centric process management means that organization’s no longer need to limit which tasks within the organization can be included and properly managed. Early versions of process management focused around deliverables such as documents. With people centric process management, that restriction can be shed and the entire organization can benefit from the structure, analysis and increased efficiency that comes from quality process management.

The Appian Business Process Management Suite excels at providing a framework and the tools required to successfully implement organizational wide people centric process management. A friendly portal based UI provides an easy way for the end user to interact with day to day processes. At the same time, rapid application development and real time process architecture ensure process engineers can create, monitor and update processes as needed.

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