Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Every organization has business processes—it’s how work is accomplished. But, too many organizations rely on outdated procedures, with reliance on paper forms or other manual steps. By becoming comfortable in how they get work done, leaders and workers alike cost their organizations a lot more than lost efficiencies. They lose sight of the opportunity cost of getting work accomplished the way “it’s always been done.”

While Business Process Management Software is known for process automation, the modern BPM Suite includes so much more:

Process – Easy, web-based modeling using BPMN and SOA methodologies enables rapid development and automation of business processes.

Rules – Automate, enforce and audit policies and practices of a dynamic, rule-driven business process software.

Design tools – Rich, easy-to-use dashboard creation tools enable users to quickly build simple interfaces that deliver personalized content to complete work faster.

Forms – Drag and Drop forms creator makes it easy for business users to create interactive forms for users.

Analytics – Track real-time process performance, create rich reporting dashboards, identify process bottlenecks, and optimize business process efficiency flow.

Mobile – With Appian, native mobility is included. Build once and deploy instantly across any mobile devices.

Content – Integrated document and content management allows you to store, secure, version, search, and manage content across your business.

Collaboration – Encourage enterprise collaboration with process integrated threaded discussions, message boards, and targeted content for every user.

Data Access – Converge complete information from across enterprise systems on any topic in seconds. Then, view a drill-able summary report with as much detail as you need.

SOA and Integration – Use standard SOA development to build a repository of reusable services that accelerate your business process software deployment.

Visibility and Transparency – Appian user interfaces provide more visibility to important business events, so everyone involved has the right context to take the right action.

All businesses have one thing in common. They’re all different. Different plans. Different processes. Different cultures. Be better at being different…with Appian. Use market-leading BPM Software to design, execute, manage, and optimize your processes so you can be better at what makes you truly stand out.

“Appian supports all routine and non-routine process styles, but differentiates itself through its social centricity, allowing rapid innovation and discovery, as well as ad hoc and improvisational collaboration between customers, workers, partners and suppliers.”

–Gartner iBPMS Market Guide 2020

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