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A Web-Based Edge Over Other Process Management Systems

Business process management software is often considered as the be all and end all of business process management systems, but this does not mean that organizations should stock up on expensive software and supporting hardware solutions. Appian Anywhere, a 100% web-based solution by the Appian Corporation, has overwhelming advantages over its more traditional competition.

First, because it is web-based, Appian Anywhere can be viewed online from anywhere and by anyone who needs the information. Appian’s network can be viewed with any operating system. Second, Appian process management systems do not put a heavy strain on existing networks and architecture. The exact opposite is true. Appian relieves the network of traffic by directing processes through outer channels.

Finally, the Appian suite is incredibly affordable with a subscription that is payable at a reasonable monthly rate. When clients no longer need to make use of Appian’s services, Appian can simply stop providing them and businesses will not be left with unused hardware or software.

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