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Introduction to BPM

BPM Methodology

A management practice that provides for governance of an organization’s process environment toward the goals of driving consistency, increasing agility, and improving operational performance.

BPM Software

Technology that automates, executes, and monitors business processes from beginning to end by connecting people to people, applications to applications, and people to applications.

BPM Platform

Technology that delivers a variety of process, knowledge, and analytics functionality in a single platform, enabling organizations to quickly and efficiently build and launch custom applications that encapsulate process, data, collaboration, and other capabilities.

How BPM Creates Value

BPM not only can improve profitability, it also can expand competitive advantage. How? By using BPM platform technology, an organization can rapidly develop and deploy custom business applications to magnify what sets them apart. These applications ultimately enable a faster response to changing market, customer, and regulatory demands. A BPM-driven organization is not just better positioned to address current challenges; it’s better prepared to take advantage of future opportunities.