BPM - Service Request Records 

Business Problem

As the world leader of supplying equipment and services to the oil and gas and chemical industries, we needed the complete repair history of our parts in one centralized location to provide the highest quality of service.

We lacked a technology solution to bring photo files, excel sheets and legacy systems to one easy -to-access place which impacted 40% of our business.

Process Players

  • Service and customer services departments

Process Steps

An application that we built on a BPM platform served as a front-end solution for our employees to access anywhere on mobile devices. This new solution allows us to track incoming service requests, document the status, input the servicing cost, and confirm that invoices have been paid.

Process Benefits

The ability for our employees to be mobile has increased collaboration across multiple departments leading to an improved customer experience. We’ve used the application to input over 5,000 entries in 18 months as opposed to 2,000 entries over the past 10 years because of how quickly our service cycle has become.