Automate Evolving Business Processes with BPM 

Business Problem

We are a large advertising firm that has evolved to keep up with the changing industry. To provide our clients with the highest quality projects on-time, we needed to automate our current processes to be more collaborative with each other and our clients.

Process Players

  • Designers
  • Clients and customer service representatives

Process Steps

After adopting a BPM platform, we built an application that automates initiating projects, approvals, and sends the final project to production. Our customer service representatives now have a holistic view of each project which has improved our customer experience.

Process Benefits

An automated process has allowed us to remove repetitive steps while still keeping our key business rules. Another important part of our adoption of BPM is that it will grow and evolve with us as the advertising market continues to change. Because of our success we’ve decided to build additional applications to transform other areas of our organization.