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Département des Yvelines

Département des Yvelines


They may not always make the news but local councils do most of the heavy lifting in terms of public service—from waste collection to road maintenance to social action to education.

The department of Yvelines serves over 1.4 million people and as local government council it has 4000 employees, all working with one fundamental aim: to meet the needs of all Yvelinois.


Business Problem

With the aim of expanding and improving its services to meet the needs of its people, the Département des Yvelines recently launched an ambitious project to transform its social services.

A key priority was empowering social workers to make better-informed and harmonised decisions about social assistance for citizens.

The Département des Yvelines previously organized social assistance programs using email and a series of standalone tools and documents. Council managers realised that a connected system providing clearer visibility would make service delivery easier and more effective, both for staff and the citizens they serve.

In particular, Yvelines needed a more unified and flexible solution to help manage and coordinate appointments between social workers and citizens, while providing a unified activity follow up. It needed mobile functionality and to provide a single point of access to key information for use in meetings with citizens. It also needed to support electronic signatures on documents and integrate with the existing CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics.

Appian Solution

The council now has a complete solution that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. The case management platform provides a single source of previously fragmented information and captures critical data, important documents, and electronic signatures from mobile devices on-site during meetings with citizens.

We were really impressed with Appian. In spite of our internal CRM constraints and this being our first AGILE methodology implementation, we met project objectives in terms of time, quality and budget within the initial project scope.

- Marc Phirmis, Project Manager