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Policy underwriting and service operations.

Enable connected underwriting and accelerated business.

  • Streamlined quoting process.
    Orchestrate multiple streams of siloed tasks from different stakeholders to finalize the quote.
  • Enhanced insight.
    Create a 360 degree view of all relevant quote data needed to make an informed underwriting decision.
  • Increase quote to bind ratio.
    Improve submission handling, increase quote capacity and deliver an optimal experience for all users.
  • Leverage systems and services.
    Re-use internal legacy, modern systems and external services to gain the best underwriting experience.
  • Single engagement system.
    Unify all systems, channels and information into a single, intelligent interface.
  • True customer service.
    Improve productivity and efficiency to deliver concierge customer experience at every interaction.
  • Multi-channel consistency.
    Deliver a seamless customer experience on all channels with consistent data.
  • Automated agent experience.
    Use IDP, AI and RPA technologies to support agents in servicing customers with personalized recommendations.
  • Complete customer insight.
    Provide visibility across customer, employee and contract records.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction.
    Increase pension servicing efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Automate paper-based processes.
    Streamline manual intensive, paper-based administration processes using IDP and digitalization.
  • Improve service and sales.
    Provide true customer service, complete customer insight and increase sales opportunities.
  • Effectively handle complaints.
    Manage complaints from any initiation point - including paper, email, voice - through assessment, research and resolution.
  • Customer service and retainment.
    Improve customer service by ensuring timely and consistent management of complaints.
  • Cross-functional workflow.
    Enable orchestration of complaints between siloed departments.
  • Central view and control.
    A central view for investigating and tracking complaints, enabling learning, audit and reporting.

Having a platform that enables end-to-end servicing is what we needed as a company if we are really going to do more global business at a broader scale.

Kathleen Ellis, Senior Vice President, CNA 

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