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Appian 22.2: New Look. New Approach.

Rob Vanderzyppe, Appian
June 2, 2022

In our 22.1 release, you learned about total experience—an opportunity to connect customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), user experience (UX), and multiexperience (MX) to transform your organization from every angle. If you’re able to harness this opportunity, you will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX.

In our latest release, Appian 22.2, we have doubled down on our commitment to helping you take full advantage of the opportunity before you. We really leaned into connecting the employee experience (EX) and user experience (UX) to make it even easier to discover, design, and automate your most important processes. 

We’ve improved and simplified both the design experience and your access to critical data. With a new, sleek, guided, and intuitive Appian Designer and more intelligence to make smart business decisions, everyone can experience the joy of low-code. #lowcode4all. 

“What I like about Appian is that they keep evolving with every release.”
- Jaishanker Vijayakumar

Here are some of the top highlights from the release:

All-new Appian Designer.

Everything needs a refresh after a while. Whether it’s an application, an interface, or even your profile photo (this is your reminder if it’s been a few years)—everything has a shelf life. In Appian 22.2, we are excited to introduce  you to the new Appian Designer. Our new designer provides a fresh, sleek, and modern experience for developers with an intuitive, guided design approach. From navigating through the designer to creating new apps to onboarding into existing apps, you’ll be faster at everything.

  • Guided starting points to get you up and running faster.
  • Simplified views inside Appian Designer, including our new Explore view so you can easily find what you need.
  • Seamlessly connect to the larger Appian community and collaborate with other developers.
“I was like literally amazed with that. Because you know, it's been changed totally. Having all the components, the Explore view, the build and deploy, it's amazing.”
- Ravichandran Thiruganasambandham, VURAM

For a full rundown on all of our changes, be sure to check out our exclusive blog on the new Appian Designer.

Sync Records Smart Service.

Everyone wants to make data-driven decisions, but it is a difficult path to actionable insights. Data often lives in several different systems and it’s a time-intensive process to get all of it in one place for decision making. By the time you get the data, it’s old and stale, still leaving you with the problem you had before. Data fabric can help here and in our latest update, we built a sync records smart service.

Appian 22.2 makes it easier to keep data from external systems up to date, regardless of how data  changes. 

We all want the right data at the right time, and with data fabric, Appian allows you to merge, extend, and optimize your data to get actionable insights.

“I completely understand that not all data needs migration. But for the data that needs to be migrated, I've been part of some federal implementations, some large implementations, they need to migrate the data. So I think it's going to be a game changer with immediate data sync.”
- Jaishanker Vijayakumar, Appian customer

To learn more, head over to our blog on the new Sync Records Smart Service.

Process Scorecard.

Like we discussed above, making decisions without the right data is tough. Understanding and making changes to your own processes is no different. Analyzing the compliance of mission-critical processes across organizations is crucial for proper risk assessment and determining the right changes needed to reduce risk. It’s now easier with the new Process Scorecard. 

Appian Process Mining provides multiple dashboard and analytics, and the process scorecard is the latest to quickly analyze and share insights on processes across the organization. Use these process scorecards to:

  • Create high-level overviews of how your processes are performing against KPIs.
  • Score each process automatically based on custom performance targets.
  • Graph historical trends for process scores.

For an in-depth look at process scorecards, be sure to check out its section in the release notes

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Improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in document extraction.

Your staff works with tons of documents everyday–either creating them or pulling information from them. But they don’t all look the same. Some are handwritten, others have large watermarks, and other visual “noise” that make the data difficult to consistently and accurately extract digitally.  Then your teams are forced to manually extract this data and input into your systems. In 22.2, we have updated our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities to help you handle handwritten, blurred, and skewed text with a high degree of accuracy. With the improved OCR capabilities, you will be able to expand your usage of Appian IDP for data extraction across even more documents. 

To learn more about the specifics of our IDP enhancements, head over to our 22.2 release notes.

To dive deeper into all of our updates, watch the Appian 22.2 release webinar. And don’t forget that you can test drive the entire Appian platform for free with Appian Community Edition.