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Appian 22.1: An Experience You’ve Never Had Before

Rob Vanderzyppe, Appian
March 8, 2022

The way we interact with organizations has changed. Experiences have gone remote, mobile, and virtual over the past few years and there is no going back. According to Gartner, organizations providing a Total Experience in this new era will outperform competitors by 25% across key satisfaction metrics. 

But what is Total Experience? It is the combination of customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), user experience (UX), and multi-experience (MX) to transform business outcomes. 

And with Appian 22.1, you can now deliver the power of a total experience for all your stakeholders, all from a single, low-code platform that unifies key technologies.


Appian 22.1 Process Mining Workflow Automation

See highlights from the latest Appian release below  or watch our two-minute release video.


Unified Process Mining

If you missed it a few weeks back, we officially launched Appian Process Mining, the easiest way to identify and address bottlenecks in your workflows. Appian now brings together process mining, workflow, and automation in a single unified platform. A unique feature within Appian Process Mining is Mining Prep which lets non-technical process owners quickly perform data transformation, a necessary step in preparing data for analysis.

Want to get started on your process mining journey?
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External Appian Portals.

Welcome to the new front door to your external-facing applications. With Appian Portals, you now have the ability to publish parts of your application via public web pages and forms without requiring external users to have an Appian login. Use the power of low-code to develop secure, connected, and immersive web experiences for your customers, partners, and citizens. Cloud-native and scalable, Portals are the new way to connect Appian applications and external users. 

“With Appian Portals, LIUNA saved two months of manual work—or approximately 640 employee hours."

Read the case study.

Easily configurable Record-Level Security.

Data security and compliance is top of mind for everyone these days. Appian 22.1 gives you peace of mind with the introduction of Record-Level Security. This new feature lets you control who can access records with security rules. Security rules allow you to translate all security requirements into plain language so they are easy to build, maintain, and understand. Data governance and compliance should not be a guessing game, and with Record-Level Security, you can have complete confidence that only the right people have access to the data in your apps.

Self-Managed Appian in Kubernetes.

We’ve modernized the Appian Cloud infrastructure, which now supports an optional way for self-managed customers to deploy Appian: as containers orchestrated by Kubernetes

This new feature now lets you run Appian on Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GCP, OpenShift, or similar platforms. In this optional deployment model, you can reduce the operational and administrative time and costs of managing your Appian instance. Installing and configuring Appian to your self-managed needs has never been easier.

To dive further into the full 22.1 release, check out our 22.1 release webinar or read our release notes. And don’t forget that you can test drive Appian anytime with our free Community Edition.