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Low-Code + Fresh Data = Better Business Decisions

Pam Benke, Senior Manager, Product Marketing
May 31, 2022


Sync Records Smart Service now available in Appian 22.2 release 

Data is the most important part of your business. It drives your business processes, as well as your customer and employee journeys. And with data being collected and stored in various systems, it can easily become outdated and lead to inaccurate business decisions. Though 91% of businesses say data-driven decision making is important to their success, only 57% of businesses are successfully implementing this.

A daily data sync from external systems may not always be efficient or practical. To address that challenge our latest version of Appian makes it easier to keep data from external systems up-to-date with the source–regardless of how the data is changed. 

Appian 22.2 introduces the Sync Records Smart Service which allows you to initiate a data sync for any sync-enabled Records. 

With this new feature, not only can you sync your data more frequently, you’ll also experience faster syncs—up to 2x faster!


With immediate data sync, there is no bogging down of systems or networks, something IT always fears. Appian’s solving it.” Christine Hutchison, Appian Developer

Keeping data fresh

Data sync in Appian is not new. We’ve always made it easy to keep the data fresh by automatically syncing any data changed by Appian and syncing data on a schedule. Now, you can trigger a sync to keep your data fresh whenever necessary, so external systems can notify Appian of changes to Records in real-time. 


What does this mean for business leaders?

For business leaders, this new feature ensures that your digital business processes are always using “real-time” data from all external systems, which translates into improved business decisions. For example, your data in Salesforce is used for a business process in a call center scenario. Your customer service reps taking calls need to have the most up-to-date case information or customer details in order to accelerate customer response. With the Sync Records Smart Service, changes to data sourced in external systems like an Account updated from Salesforce, can be reflected in Appian in real-time, instead of waiting for the daily scheduled data sync.

“I completely understand that not all data needs migration. But for the data that needs to be migrated, I've been part of some federal implementations, some large implementations, they need to migrate the data. So I think it's going to be a game changer with immediate data sync.” - Jaishanker Vijayakumar, Appian customer

What does this mean for developers?

If you are an Appian developer then the 22.2 Sync Records Smart Service gives you a simpler development experience. Previously you may have implemented workarounds to trigger immediate sync functionality. Now you can sync data changed by any system—third-party systems, stored procedures, and any Appian Smart Service.


The web API option 

In addition to the Sync Records Smart Service, Appian 22.2 also allows you to easily create a web API on your sync-enabled record type which can be called to update data when the data changes outside of Appian. 



To recap, Appian 22.2 provides you a better way to keep data up-to-date, making your processes smarter and development time much faster. 

Learn more about the Sync Records Smart Service in the 22.2 release notes. And try our entire platform for free with Appian Community Edition.