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United Matbouli Group (UMG)

UMG is the largest distributor and retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are the exclusive distributor of Samsung products from refrigerators and washing machines to plasma TVs, Blu-ray players and home theaters. UMG does B2C retailing, B2B distribution to other retailers, and servicing of all products.

UMG - Streamlined & Automated Distribution & Retail Operations in Saudi Arabia


Business Problem

The company has been on an unprecedented growth streak since 2010. As it scaled up an already-large business, UMG was worried that both of those primary business gears would suffer. UMG was using a combination of SharePoint and ERP systems. As it grew, those systems were simply not sufficient to support its unique processes and the increasing complexity of its business. The company also wanted to mobilize its data and processes, broadly across the organization – but was concerned about the development resources that would be required to build and maintain such a series of separate, siloed mobile apps.

Appian Solution

Appian’s data management capabilities, called Appian Records, its comprehensive process optimization features, and its unique write once, run everywhere architecture delivered everything UMG wanted.

UMG has used Appian as a single integrated interface that makes the company more responsive, makes it faster, makes employees’ jobs easier, across Customer Service and Case Management, Supply Chain Procurement, Returns (both Retail and Wholesale), Rebate Management, and Stock Distribution. Appian is a unifying layer across those legacy systems like multiple ERPs and SharePoint sites, field service systems, a packaged rebates system, MSFT Dynamics, Active Directory and a lot more.

The results have been staggering: 300% faster resolution of customer issues; average call center call times reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, the time needed to create a new customer service case cut in half.

Every day, more than 600 UMG employees use Appian across more than 40 processes that touch 14 departments across the enterprise. 63 percent of those users are accessing Appian on their mobile devices – out in the retail stores, on field service calls, or to review something and make an approval while on a flight.

“We are keenly focused on the needs of our customers. That is the source of UMG’s market leadership. Appian gives us the ability to see all of the data we need to make smarter decisions, and execute the processes required for faster action, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.”

Mr. Fahad Al-Zomaia
Chief Executive Officer of United Matbouli Group