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United Matbouli Group, Sole Distributor of Samsung Home Appliances in Saudi Arabia, Transforms the Customer Experience with Appian

Appian Contributor
April 26, 2016

Customer Issue Resolution Time Accelerated by 300% with 600 Daily Users across Aftermarket Service and Supply Chain Management

RESTON, Va.—April 26, 2016— Appian, a leading BPM and Case Management platform provider, today announced that United Matbouli Group (UMG), the largest and one of the oldest distributors and retailers of home appliances and consumer electronics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has deployed a comprehensive Appian BPM program that has changed how the company manages its business and services its customers. Covering 600 daily users and more than 40 processes that touch 14 departments, the program has accelerated resolution of customer issues by 300 percent, reduced average call times in the UMG call center from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, and cut the time to create a new customer service case in half.

“We are keenly focused on the needs of our customers. That is the source of UMG’s market leadership,” said Mr. Fahad Al-Zomaia, Chief Executive Officer of United Matbouli Group. “Appian gives us the ability to see all of the data we need to make smarter decisions, and execute the processes required for faster action, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.”

In the wake of unprecedented and rapid growth since 2010, UMG quickly foresaw the need to enhance its customer satisfaction index and streamline its supply chain management. The company realized that its combination of SharePoint and ERP systems was not sufficient to support its unique processes and the increasing complexity of its business. The company looked to Appian to provide a unifying layer across those systems, and a single point of access to make it easier for UMG employees to do their work. Appian provided the platform to enable UMG to be business agile in order to meet the fluctuating demands of the market. The company also wanted to mobilize its data and processes, without building and maintaining a series of separate, siloed mobile apps. Appian’s data management capabilities, called Appian Records, its comprehensive process optimization features, and its write once, run everywhere architecture met all of those requirements. 63 percent of UMG’s Appian users access the system on mobile devices.

“Our vision is to be known for being a leader; providing 5 star service to our customers. Appian delivers us the platform necessary to be at the forefront of service excellence,” stated Khaled Jezani, General Manager of Service and Maintenance.

In addition to improving front-line customer service, UMG has transformed UMG’s entire supply chain management practices. Appian is integrated with seven other UMG systems to enhance procurement, product returns, rebates, and more. For example, product returns from UMG’s customers were previously handled through email and phone calls, followed by manual re-entry of data into various back-end systems. Appian has automated those processes. As a result, that work is now done faster, with less chance of human error. More importantly, UMG managers can now see the full picture of the customer and its overall ratio of returned products in order to determine the overall profitability of each customer. This is an example of how Appian has helped UMG make previously-opaque processes and customer relationships fully visible for better analysis.

“We are proud to support United Matbouli Group in its customer-focused transformation program,” said Mohammad Abusinnah, Appian Sales Lead, Middle-East Region. “Our combination of data, process, mobility and collaboration in one easy-to-use platform enhances all touchpoints across the end-to-end customer journey.”

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