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Customer Journey

Engage and retain customers with superior service.

Provide seamless customer experience at every touchpoint to earn the greatest of customer rewards – brand loyalty. With Appian, you can build unique applications that enable a unified customer view across multiple systems, product lines, and channels.


Deliver flawless on-boarding service to retain and grow customers.

Drive profitable revenue growth by delivering streamlined customer on-boarding with personalized experiences for strategic customer segments, across any channel.

Contact center automation.

Complete, integrated support for your customer service functions.

Enable optimal customer engagement with streamlined, omni-channel processes. Take a customer-centric approach to requests that span multiple products, transactions, and touches.

Member enrollment and services.

Engage and serve members quickly and efficiently.

Transform to on-board and retain members by providing a unified information view. Give individual and group members the power to navigate their own records anytime, anywhere.

Three improvements to accelerate customer on-boarding.

The Appian digital platform can enable fast transition to omni-channel services while providing operational efficiency. Don’t wait on these three on-boarding improvements.