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Appian Product Release - 2016: A New Beginning

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
January 22, 2016

Today is an exciting a day for me. And, it's also a sad one.

You see, for several years, I've enjoyed participating in the evolution of the Appian 7 product, from its earliest days of the new Tempo user experience, to the modern design experiences released in 2015.

But as of today, Appian 7 is no more!

WellÖthe "7" part at leastÖ

While Appian has been focused on releasing new features to our customers on a quarterly basis, behind the scenes we've also been refining the art of agile software delivery.

Achieving total agility in software development has taken years to perfect. Millions of automated tests, rigorous independent audits, and a commitment to backwards compatibility has led to this moment. It is a moment where we can release software continuouslyÖbe ever evolving...and never create major upgrade disruptions for our customers.

Once achieved, software development transcends that which binds us to the past...version numbers.

So as we say goodbye to Appian 7, we also say hello to Appian: a product unbound by version numbers and ready to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and all time.

For this first product release of 2016, Appian has some great new features for end-users, designers, and administrators.

For End Users, Appian has worked hard to create a truly remarkable Records user experience. Appian also continues to deliver more SAIL enhancements and some exciting developments with Appian Sites.

For Designers, Appian has refined our data store management and rules composition capabilities, making it even easier for designers to build great apps.

For Administrators, Appian continues to expand the Admin Console with more intuitive management features and important updates to supported platforms and browsers.

Of course, when you adopt this release, you'll have a new build number reference based on the year and version of that year, making it easy to work with Appian Support and Services. This first release of Appian in 2016 will be build 16.1.

If you'd like to learn more about this exciting product release, we'll be hosting our standard product release webinar as follows:

Europa ñ Produkt Release Webinar

      • Tuesday, February 2nd, 12 pm ñ 1:00 pm GMT (London time zone)

Register now

Nord- und S¸damerika ñ Produkt Release Webinar

      • Tuesday, February 2nd, 12 pm ñ 1:00 pm EST (Washington, D.C. time zone)

Register now

Australien ñ Produkt Release Webinar

      • Wednesday, February 3rd, 12 pm ñ 1:00 pm AEST (Sydney time zone)

Register now

As usual, this webinar will cover in detail all new capabilities and changes with a live demo of each feature. Live participants are free to ask questions. If you cannot attend one of our live sessions, a recording will be made available on Appian Forum.

So, register and come see what is new with Appian! Registration is open to all Appian customers and partners and requires an Appian Forum ID. If you need access to Appian Forum for more information on Appian's product, you can register here.

Malcolm Ross, VP, Product