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Planning for the Internet of Things

Appian Contributor
February 6, 2015

Planning for the Internet of Things

Unless you've been living under a rock (no offense intended to those living under rocks), you've heard about the Internet of Things or IoT.

In short, the Internet of Things is using embedded sensors to connect things from thermostats and toothbrushes, to turbine parts and even product components on an assembly line to the online world so specific processes can be better monitored, maintained, and completed more easily and efficiently.

IoT is about creating awareness, driving more knowledge, and taking action more quickly than previously possible.

Think about that turbine exampleÖGearboxes in turbines commonly break prematurely. What if there were sensors on gearbox components which in real-time shared performance data? Using that data with the right technology, you could determine the signs of pending failure and set up automated processes to notify technicians before the failure occurred! But, what if those technicians were always in the field?

Most of what's talked about regarding the IoT misses a key component: Mobile interaction. Go Google "Internet of Things articles," and see how many articles talk about mobile.

Mobile is a key to IoT value. Why? At its core, IoT is about using information as it is generated to take faster action. Turning those vast amounts of data and awareness generated by IoT sensors into rapid, responsive action is the key to just how transformational it will be. And that's mobile--the on-the-go-get-it-use-it-right-when-it's-needed capability.

If you're interested in mobile and the Internet of Things, there is a live webinar next week you may want to attend: "Planning for the Internet of Things: Why Mobility is Everything."

On this educational session, join technologist andZiff Davis senior contributing editor, Chris Dawson, to:

    • Learn about the evolving IoT market and how it could evolve

    • Explore how your organization can get ready to take advantage of the IoT

    • Discover how mobility is inextricably tied to the IoT

It all takes place on Thursday, February 12 at 2:00 PM U.S. EST. (That's UTC -5.)

You can register here. I hope you can join us for what promises be an interesting event.

Zach Messler