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Abdul Latif Jameel

Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) is a conglomerate of diversified businesses in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. Its diverse portfolio also includes business in transportation, engineering and manufacturing, financial services, land and real estate, consumer products and more. Founded in 1945 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, it grew its vehicle distribution network to be the largest leading automotive distributor and retailer in the region and expanded into other sectors throughout the decades.

Abdul Latif Jameel - Digitizing Complex Processes and Reducing Costs


Business Problem

Abdul Latif Jameel aims to provide the best customer experience by enhancing service delivery and digitizing processes. They want to enable their customer service agents and managers with relevant employees, customers and operations data in real-time for business insights.

Appian Solution

Abdul Latif Jameel has been using Appian for a few years now to digitize processes, enabling employees with timely insights to make intelligent decisions and provide the best experience to their customers.

Creating applications on Appian usually takes only a few weeks up to two months, compared to four months or more with traditional software development. Changes are also made easily & quickly for rapid improvement. The result is 50 to 60% time reduction to create an application.

Using Appian, ALJ has accelerated decision-making time for its customer service employees, reducing it from weeks to hours. ALJ also consolidated and simplified their financial accounts from hundreds to just ten acc