Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Scale automation with Appian RPA.

Orchestrate RPA bots with people, systems, and data in a single workflow, scaling automation across your entire organization.

RPA beyond simple task automation.

Build bots fast.

Quickly build and deploy bots with visual, low-code design in a fast and secure cloud environment.

Scale automation.

Centrally manage, monitor, and deploy Appian RPA, 3rd party bots, and end-to-end processes to increase scale and performance.

Deploy without limits.

Build unlimited bots for a fixed cost and deploy on Windows and Linux environments for greater flexibility and ROI.

Automate complex processes.

Fully unified RPA, workflow, AI, decision rules, and case management help you automate any process or application.

Appian is a Star Performer!

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See how automation is driving positive outcomes.


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"Appian RPA as part of a unified automation stack delivers the speed and scalability we need."

Only Appian takes you from knowing to doing in a unified platform.

Low-code RPA at Scale

  • Low-code Development.
    Visually compose bots with intuitive low-code design tools.
  • Turn-key RPA.
    Packaged libraries and credentials have bots up and running fast.
  • Bot Marketplace.
    Download and deploy fully functioning bots for faster time to value.
  • Appian Cloud.
    Simplify access and adoption of RPA with our globally available and highly secure cloud.
  • End-to-end Process Control.
    Govern Appian RPA bots, workflows, and third-party RPA.
  • Monitor All Automations.
    Manage and track all automation activities from request to completion.
  • Reporting and Analytics.
    Conduct impact and ROI analysis for RPA and workflows to help you COE scale automation.
  • AI Recommendation Engine.
    Enhance automations with intelligent system recommendations and process compatibility scores.
  • Build Your Automation Pipeline.
    Collect and prioritize automation requests from across the enterprise.
  • Unlimited Bots.
    Build as many bots as you need for a low fixed cost.
  • Multiple Environments.
    Deploy in both Windows and Linux environments, optimizing the cost of your digital workforce.
  • Self-Service.
    Empower business to run bots for increased efficiency.
  • Automation Applications.
    Build apps with automation at the core for engaging experiences.
  • Dynamic Exception Handling.
    Best-in-class case management capabilities to handle exceptions and ad-hoc activities, fast.
  • Humans in Control.
    Industry leading task management, application development, and data integration keep people in the driver’s seat.
  • No-code Integrations.
    Orchestrate your data, systems, and web services without complex coding.
  • Automation Applications.
    Build apps with automation at the core for engaging experiences.

FedRAMP Compliant RPA

Appian Cloud is FedRAMP compliant and has received an Agency Authorization to Operate (ATO) at the Moderate level.

Go beyond OCR with AI‑based document processing.

Appian Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps you eliminate manual document processing and increase efficiency with straight through processing.