Low-Code Defined

In the digital economy, to compete and win means connecting data, people and processes at digital speed.

In other words? Low-code development.

Low-code development is a way to build apps more quickly by reducing the need to code.

Low-code development has evolved to take advantage of visual design tools—like drag-and-drop modelers and point-and-click interface creation—to enable the rapid creation, launch, use and change of powerful business apps.

Application development platforms that enable rapid application delivery with minimal hand-coding, and quick setup and deployment.  – Forrester Research defining low-code development platforms

Low-code development is:

  • How business and IT leaders drive digital transformation across their organizations
  • How the digital leaders separate themselves from the laggards.
  • How great brands stay ahead of the customer expectations.
  • How innovators introduce new disruptive products.

Low-code development solves problems

With the speed of change in today’s business environment, the IT organization is increasingly getting pressure to innovate faster.

The challenges? They are many.

The ability to innovate and grow is crippled by operational bottlenecks and an inability to keep up with business demands.

IT bandwidth is stretched thin with maintenance of legacy systems and endless requests from the business for innovative solutions.

Difficulty in keeping up has resulted in an increase in Shadow IT, adding to the complexity.

Finding and retaining top IT talent is time-intensive, costly, and not scalable with the size of most  IT project backlogs.

Few can afford a revolving door of new hires just to ensure talented developers are in place. It’s not a practical, economical, or realistic solution.

Low-code development can be a game-changer.

Expectations have changed. In a world of immediacy, anything less than digital speed results in lost opportunity at best.

Low-code development enables IT to innovate faster. Build more in less time. And drive the business through its digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a critical success factor for modern business.

Achieving it means business and IT must work together better – and faster – than ever before. A modern, powerful, and business-friendly digital platform is key.

Low-code platforms allow organizations to innovate at digital speed, stay ahead of what may come next, and thrive now and into the future.

“Application development platforms that enable rapid application delivery with minimal hand-coding, and quick setup and deployment.”

Forrester Research defining low-code development platforms

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