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Implement agile solutions to expedite network rollout.

Automate and unify disparate systems for efficient network operations and enhanced visibility and tracking in the field.


  • Drive On-the-Go Productivity
    Maximize field worker productivity through mobile-enabled applications.
  • Leverage Actionable Data
    Gain real-time visibility into field activities, resolution status, and performance.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring the quality and consistency of service in the field.
  • Access Data to Inform Decisions
    Digitize paper processes to gain better visibility into asset data for more informed decision making.
  • Enhance Productivity in the Field
    Deliver mobile-enabled applications to improve asset tracking and operations while out in the field.
  • Improve the Longevity of Assets
    Realize more value from assets by improving utilization, performance, and auditability.
  • Increase Efficiency in Permitting
    Automate and standardize the workflow for obtaining permits to expedite the permitting process.
  • Adhere to Regulations
    Ensure compliance by tracking and prioritizing job permits and documentation.
  • Streamline Process Execution
    Reduce average permit processing time to ensure jobs are completed on time and on budget.

In the first 3 months we were up to 60,000 orders -- it turns out that as you made the process easier on the people who are using it, they’ll use it more often and they’ll use it in ways you hadn’t thought about.

- Steve Hoshkins, Enterprise Architecture, T-Mobile 

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