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Permit Management

Streamline permit processing and visibility.

Obtaining permits for projects, work orders, and construction is a tedious process. The tasks involved are manual and time consuming, often delaying projects and causing idle resource time. Depending on the jurisdiction and project type, there are additional steps and approvals, even for validated contractors and routine maintenance.

Organizations need a streamlined approach to permit management to improve communication between schedulers, personnel, engineering, construction, permitting agencies, and contractors.

With Appian, gain a unified view of permits, while orchestrating key processes involved, to improve permit management and project performance.

Features at a glance:
  • Automate workflows and standardize processes around obtaining permits
  • Gain real-time visibility from permit initiation to project completion
  • Ensure compliance by tracking and prioritize job permits and documentation
  • Reduce average permit processing time to complete jobs on time and on budget