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Appian Acquisition Accreditation (AAA).

The Appian Acquisition Accreditation provides a standard for how Appian-authorized partners sell and implement the Appian Acquisition solutions for government clients.

Benefits for prospects and customers

Although acquisition systems are critical to the mission of government agencies, modernizing these systems can be risky. Leveraging an Appian partner with in-depth expertise in both general acquisition management and Appian Government Acquisition solutions is crucial to achieving optimal results. 

All Appian Acquisition Accredited Partners must:

  • Already be an existing Appian Partner and have an Appian Partner Executive
  • Demonstrate deep industry knowledge of Government Acquisition
  • Possess an active Appian practice with certified developers on staff
  • Have a proven track record of implementing Appian Government Acquisition solutions
  • Commit to leveraging Appian development best practices
  • Gold-level accredited partners demonstrate the highest level of government acquisition knowledge and experience through successful deployments and subject matter expertise

Benefits for Appian Acquisition Accredited partners

If you are an Appian partner interested in applying to the AAA program, please contact your Appian Partner Executive. If you don't know your partner exec please contact

Why Become An Accredited Partner?

  • Enhanced credibility and exposure to prospects: Accredited partners will have their experience, skills, and expertise highlighted on, in joint collateral, and through an integrated go-to-market demand generation program. Thereby assuring customers and prospects of their credibility in conducting acquisition modernization projects for part of, or all of, the Appian Government Acquisition Management solutions suite, encompassing the following:
  • Access to Appian acquisition engineering collaboration: 
    Accredited partners will also have access to the Appian Acquisition Solution Engineering team to collaborate on roadmap and enhancement discussions for the suite of solutions.

Acquisition Accredited Partners

Gold Acquisition Accredited

Silver Acquisition Accredited

Bronze Acquisition Accredited