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Deliver Cutting Edge Government Solutions by Becoming Part of the Appian Acquisition Accreditation Program (AAA)

Andrew DeSoiza, Director, Public Sector Marketing
January 25, 2022

Government acquisition is an exciting, yet complicated world. Although acquisition systems are critical to the missions of government agencies, modernizing these systems can be risky. To mitigate risk, mission owners need a knowledge base fluent in both general acquisition management and government acquisition solutions.

At Appian, to ensure a frictionless, efficient, and scalable acquisition experience, we turn to our strategic partners. By accelerating time to market and speed to value, partners are paramount in our government customers’ go-to-market strategies. As our partner ecosystem grows, we unlock new exciting potential in our ability to deliver insights, value, and results to help agencies achieve their missions. 

With the recent build-out of our Government Acquisition Solutions Suite, we are excited to announce today that Appian is launching its Appian Acquisition Accreditation Program (AAA). This program is based on Appian best practices and meets the highest standards in the federal acquisition space, allowing Appian partners to take Appian acquisition solutions for government to market with speed and agility.

Coinciding with the launch of this new program, we are equally thrilled to announce Deloitte as the first Appian strategic partner to deliver on these lofty standards. Deloitte’s industry-leading domain expertise in public sector acquisitions, coupled with their time-tested Appian delivery methodology, has yielded this pioneering achievement.

“We’re proud to team up with Appian to offer customized and modernized government acquisition systems. Working together, we can help federal, state and local agencies access efficient, agile and high-quality solutions that improve the public sector procurement process.”
-Gail Guseman, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

"I am very excited about AAA, which allows the government to more confidently select companies that have demonstrated experience implementing Appian acquisition solutions. Our first Gold-level member, Deloitte, has a wealth of government acquisition experience, knowledge, and a long history of successful Appian implementations."
-Ben Allen, Federal Acquisitions Leader at Appian

Interested in joining the AAA program?
If you’re an eligible Appian partner interested in earning your accreditation, visit the AAA program website.

Three reasons why the AAA may be right for you:

More choices = better results: Customers can have more choice in leveraging the expertise and best of the Appian acquisition practice by working with partners accredited in the new AAA program to help modernize their acquisitions practice and systems.

Expand your Appian acquisition practice: If scale is a challenge, the AAA is your accelerator. 

Lead with Appian: As a vetted leader in the federal acquisition space, Appian is qualified  to perform to the highest industry standards. With four acquisition solutions on the market today, Appian has the implementation expertise to deliver results.

Time to market and speed to value are the primary goals in integrating a complex, new government acquisition solution. The new AAA program, along with a growing ecosystem of partners, is here to help accelerate government acquisition into the future.

If you are an Appian partner interested in applying to the AAA program, please contact your Appian Partner Executive. If you don’t know your partner exec contact