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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Enable compliance and reduce risk with one unified platform.

Quickly adapt to government requirements worldwide and implement programs to reduce risk and deliver the safest products to your patients, fast.

Regulation Made Easy, Flexible, and Fast

A leading global pharmaceutical company used Appian to streamline communication across countries and sites and to gain real-time financial transparency and visibility.

  • Stop corruption before it even starts
    Our platform offers key enhancements for improved anti-bribery and corruption management.
  • Integrate all fraud tools into a single source
    Complete transparency and documentation of approval processes and financial transactions with full visibility across locations worldwide.
  • Deliver full, transparent reporting for every transaction
    Provide a platform to identify, communicate and mitigate risks with end-to-end process management of activities and transactions.
  • Full transparency for healthcare provider interactions
    Follow processes and regulations with approvals for meetings with your employees and those in the healthcare field
  • Stay abreast of changing regulations
    Stay on top of business over meals regulations across the globe to avoid monetary fines.
  • Bridge departments and legacy systems
    Manage complex processes across multiple functions, including management of external engagements.
  • Create the best compliance and government affairs hotline
    Our solution has direct intakes from various sources to track the progress over the process, while documenting and recording all steps
  • Improve agent quality experience
    Implement an intelligent contact center with omnichannel management, intelligent automation, and a unified view of the customer
  • Easily document and record all steps
    Accelerate processing time for interactions based on process automation so you can report and resolve situations faster.
  • Ensure adherence to the latest compliance practices
    Follow processes and regulations with approvals for meetings with your employees and those in the healthcare field
  • Eliminate manual tracking processes
    Achieve compliant and effective engagement management with a unified environment across jurisdictions.
  • Easy reporting for audits, authorities and public purposes
    With Appian, life sciences organizations can gain the required level of control and auditability, while decreasing approval bottlenecks.
  • Guarantee price transparency
    Reduce risk and the perception of bribery with clearly communicated fair values.
  • Manage global regulations and compliance
    The Appian Fair Value Management use case enables management of fair values across departments and different geographies.
  • Bridge legacy systems and siloed data
    Provide budget control and end-to-end payment visibility to healthcare providers.
  • Ensure privacy
    Safeguard customer and patient data with profile-level access control.
  • Manage compliance and avoid monetary fines
    Gain the visibility necessary to establish a clear understanding of the personal data your organization holds.
  • Gain visibility and auditability
    Accelerate resolution of data breach investigations and “right to erasure” requests.

We can support multiple industries, with multiple different compliance and regulatory frameworks.

- Omesh Agam, Chief Information Officer, Appian

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