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Anti Bribery, Corruption, and FCPA

Ensure compliance with full visibility into all organizational activities and transactions.

Life sciences organizations must follow several international and national regulations for how they interact with customers and partners to remain compliant. To protect a company from corrupt or non-compliant activities, they must have very strict processes and offer transparent reports on each activity or transaction.

The Appian Platform manages regulations across departments and creates transparency in processes, cases, and outcomes. The solution delivers end-to-end process management of activities and transactions within the company and delivers full transparent reporting in each of those cases.

Appian’s platform offers key enhancements for improved anti bribery and corruption management:
  • Management of fraud investigations faster and more completely
  • Full visibility across silos, on departmental, regional, and global level
  • Ability to integrate with fraud specialty tools and technologies
  • Complete transparency and documentation of approval processes and financial transactions