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Automate ESG Compliance with Appian.

ESG initiatives are laden with disparate data sources and manual data entry that create challenges seeing the full picture. Appian integrates data from anywhere without needing to migrate your data and intelligently automates workflows with intelligent document processing, RPA, and more to achieve your ESG goals.

Simplify your approach to ESG initiatives.

Adapt to evolving regulations.

Quickly address evolving ESG criteria by managing process changes, inputs collected, and reporting designations.

Embed ESG within operational processes.

Orchestrate people, systems, data, and bots in a single workflow to action ESG-friendly processes and activities.

Connect with ESG data sources.

Easily integrate with pre-existing data systems and virtually any third-party data source, including ratings, benchmarks, and analytics providers.

Ensure visibility and control.

Easily share ESG status with stakeholders to support audits, meet compliance, improve ratings, and escalate issues while maintaining data security.

Accelerate your net zero carbon initiatives.

Gain insight into what digital innovations organizations are putting in place to propel their net zero journeys.

Ensure compliance with growing ESG regulations.

Rapidly address new climate change imperatives with agile processes and accelerated application rollouts.

Leverage the power of low-code for board governance.

Provide a unified view of activities and streamline manual work to ensure effective board governance and ESG strategy.