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UtilityWeek Report in Association with Appian:

Digital Transformation, Transformed

Download the report to learn how utility companies are preparing to reach net zero and what digital innovations they’re putting in place to get there.

Nowhere is the need for digital transformation more evident than in the utilities sector. Through digital innovation and bold applications of emerging technology applications, utilities companies have a unique opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and improve climate resiliency. However, legacy technology systems, skills limitations, resource pressures, and cultural challenges are all slowing down the pace at which that digital potential can be leveraged.

“It’s not about throwing technology wholesale at the problem . . . It’s about finding the right process and then unpicking how technology can unify each part of that process." 

Mike Heffner, Vice President, Solutions and Industry Go-to-Market, Appian

To better understand how UK utilities are responding to this multi-layered environmental challenge, Utility Week partnered with technology company Appian to conduct an exclusive industry research report.  

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