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New Service Connections

Streamline end-to-end utilities service connection process.

Utilities service connection processes for residential and commercial new construction are complex. They can take months and involve handoffs between many entities, including the customer, the developer, the government permit office, and the engineering and construction teams.

Often there is a lack of visibility between entities that leads to poor communication, longer project completion times, and unsatisfied customers.

Appian’s low-code platform allows energy organizations to streamline new service connections end-to-end to improve project efficiency, economic development, and the customer experience.

Features at a glance:
  • Improve visibility with a single view of connection project status across entities
  • Ensure collaboration and execution with automated processes for each connection step
  • Provide mobile-ready applications that give insight to field crews and developers
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better communication, project delivery, and reduced costs
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