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Employee & Contractor On-Boarding

Streamline time-to-productivity.

On-boarding directly impacts the ability for employees and contractors to successfully contribute to the business. A streamlined approach to manage on-boarding will improve HR team effectiveness and ensure faster time to productivity for new hires.

Often, organizations are managing new hire tasks—including applications processing, paperwork, system access, and training—with outdated processes and systems. This hampers visibility, communication, and compliance with labor regulations.

Appian’s low-code platform allows energy organizations to orchestrate on-boarding processes to get employees and contractors up and running faster, while providing a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Features at a glance:
  • Improve employee engagement and retention with a streamlined experience
  • Automate new hire processes to speed time-to-productivity
  • Increase visibility into employee and contractor on-boarding status for stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance around employee data privacy and employment regulations