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Appian World 2016: Test, Learn, Scale, Repeat

Ben Farrell
March 2, 2016

The organizations that find the mostsuccess in the new world of digital business will be the ones that aren't afraid to experiment. This means creating an innovation capability (and culture) that can sustain a constant focus on trying out new products and services. This is the message underlying the Appian World 2016 theme of "Realize Your Vision." Test something new, see if it works. If so, scale it across the organization quickly. Now, repeat the whole process with another idea.

Kathy Eichholz,Director of IT Enterprise Architecture at Sprint, will be on the main stage at Appian World talking about this concept of rapid, customer-focused innovation. The telecommunications leader is using Appian for initiatives to improve the customer experience, to enable Sprint's innovative network densification program, and to support a major overhaul of Sprint's wireline application infrastructure. With Appian, the company has accelerated change while also leveraging its existing application infrastructure. Kathy's presentation will describe how Sprint has planned, organized, governed and scaled this transformation. If you want a bit of a preview, check out the case study Forrester Research did on Sprint's Appian program.

The BPM of yesterday was about optimizing existing processes, increasing automation and driving out waste. The BPM platform of today is about tapping the power of digital technology disruption to find entirely new ways to work, to change how a company operates, to challenge and overthrow an industry's status quo.

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-Ben Farrell, Vice President, Communications