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Appian 22.3

Rob Vanderzyppe, Appian
August 23, 2022

10X faster business transformation with unified technology.

For the future of business, merely maintaining the status quo won’t be enough. Organizations need to both improve the speed at which they are building applications and expand their pool of developers. Sound challenging? Low-code can help. Low-code democratizes app development—and in Appian 22.3, we’ve aimed to democratize data modeling and automation too with codeless data modeling and updated automation capabilities, enabling any user to deliver applications fast without ever having to write a line of code. #lowcode4all 

Here are the highlights of Appian 22.3:

How Appian 22.3 helps your organization  digitally transform.

Codeless data modeling in records.

Know SQL? Well, now you don’t need to thanks to codeless data modeling. Codeless data modeling allows users to create a data model (fields and relationships) without writing any code for a record type that does not have a data model defined. Users can also update the record type data model with new or changed fields and relationships and publish any required changes to the database. This latest data fabric update makes it much easier for new low-code developers to build data models and lets experienced developers work faster.

To dive deeper into codeless data modeling, check out this blog.

Enhanced RPA task recorder support for Windows applications.

In 22.3, we’ve continued to develop the most complete automation tool set for you. You’ve seen how efficient building web browser automations are with Appian. Now you can use that same power in Windows applications. We have enhanced the Appian task recorder to support interactions with both browser and Windows application (including Microsoft Office) automations. You can now quickly create bots to more easily automate manual and repetitive tasks inside of Microsoft Office tools like Excel or even legacy Windows applications. The task recorder provides the fastest and most intuitive way to develop bots and automate your workflows.

You can learn more about Windows automation with our task recorder in our latest blog.

Appian Portals updates.

We launched Appian Portals earlier this year and have seen a great response from our customers. If you’re new to the party, take a look at what you’ve been missing.

We’ve continued to help you expand the reach and flexibility of your external portals in Appian 22.3.

Customized typefaces.

We’re all trying to create a consistent experience for external stakeholders wherever they interact with our brand–portals included. In 22.3, we’re making that even easier with the ability to customize typefaces directly from the admin console of your portal.

Set regional time and calendar settings automatically.

Customers and citizens expect public websites to be personalized to their regional standards, including time zones, the default calendar view, etc. In 22.3, you can now have the locale, time zone, and calendar match the system defaults in your internal Appian instance automatically. If a portal is built for a specific region, you can easily select the locale in the admin console for your portal.

Read more on our latest Appian Portals enhancements.

SAML Remember Me.

When out of the office and working offline, users still need to submit forms and reports. That just got a lot easier with 22.3. In the latest Appian release, you can now configure a “Remember Me” time period for SAML identity providers, where the user will be remembered for a set number of days after their last login. This will allow you to improve the speed at which field teams without readily available internet access are able to submit forms and other work. This all can be designed in the admin console with the added ability to be configured by web, mobile, and identity provider.

To learn more read about Appian 22.3, see our release notes.

To dive deeper into all of our updates from this quarter, watch the Appian 22.3 release webinar. And don’t forget that you can test drive the entire Appian platform for free with Appian Community Edition.