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The Front Door to Your Business Just Got More Inviting

Pam Benke, Senior Manager, Product Marketing
August 19, 2022

Appian Portals extends its reach worldwide.

It’s only been a few months since we introduced Appian Portals and already the excitement is palpable. Businesses across a variety of mainstream industries are building portals with Appian in a matter of days in order to engage with new and potential customers, manage vendors, accept complaints, provide quotes, and so much more.

Thanks to visual low-code design tools, Appian Portals let you create scalable and secure self-service experiences. Now your external users and constituents can interact with your business or agency without having to create an account or logging in. And you can easily connect these users to your Appian workflows and data without disruption, integration challenges, or the need for specialized development skills. This makes Appian Portals a valuable part of your growth strategy.

Portals deliver value to new and existing Appian customers—they can be built fast, connect easily to your existing processes, and are highly scalable to adapt to rapidly changing demand conditions. And because Appian Portals inherit the security of the Appian Low-Code Platform itself, they are much more secure than if they were built with traditional web tools and languages.

Align with your brand standards.

With the release of Appian 22.3, we have made updates to ensure that your end user experience is unified and consistent with the rest of your online presence. You now have the ability to customize the typeface of your portals and align with your company's brand standards without any additional development. Typefaces can be added and configured in the Appian administrator console, and your changes will automatically go into effect the next time you publish a portal.

Set regional time and calendar settings automatically.

In addition to brand cohesiveness, allowing users to set regional, time, and calendar information is important. With 22.3, you can set your portal's primary locale, time zone, and calendar. If you need to publish multiple identical portals in different locales, you’ll have the option to set a different default locale, time zone, and calendar in the admin console before publishing each one.

The latest updates to Appian Portals will allow you to address your users’ needs in a way they understand and are comfortable with, thereby creating loyalty early on in their journey. Isn’t it time you built the front door to your business?

You can try the entire Appian Low-Code Platform for free with Appian Community Edition.