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Combining Knowing and Doing

Pavel Zamudio-Ramirez, Chief Customer Officer, Appian
August 5, 2021

Our announcement that Appian has acquired process mining innovator Lana Labs is a turning-point in automation, and more importantly, for our customers. The addition of native process mining makes Appian the world’s most complete Low-Code Automation Suite.

We are coming together to create a unique offering with tremendous value. Combining process mining with low-code automation shrinks the distance between knowing and doing, and dramatically accelerates businesses’ ability to improve and transform.

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Much like RPA requires low-code to truly drive wide-spread impact, process mining requires workflow. Insights in the absence of action are worthless. There is natural synergy between process mining, and process modeling and automation, which when leveraged together provide amazing results. 

We are delivering on the promise of complete automation. This is essential for realizing automation’s ultimate goals of maximizing operational efficiency, and minimizing the time between customer interaction and desired outcome. 

Process mining uses data science and machine learning to discover processes from operational system log files. Process mining replaces subjective and costly interviews with a data-led and fact-based approach to documenting how work actually happens. In other words, process mining is about knowing your processes. 

Workflow is about streamlining and automating your processes. Appian unifies people, technologies, and data in the same workflow to automate virtually any enterprise process. We then provide the deep analytics to monitor and optimize performance across your people, your bots, and your AI systems.

By bringing process mining and workflow together in a unified low-code suite, we are creating a virtuous circle for fast and continuous improvement. We will take you from knowing to doing faster than anyone else.

Process mining is a key capability in the suite of tools you need to transform your business through hyperautomation. It delivers insights that will help you identify the operational bottlenecks and compliance issues that are slowing you down today. To learn more, visit What is Process Mining?

Native process mining in Appian means you can:

  • Identify workflow areas of improvement quickly with AI-driven process mining.
  • Implement new workflows rapidly through low-code process modeling and automation.
  • Achieve continuous process improvement to optimize operations and customer service.

Lana is recognized for its expertise in complex enterprise processes, powerful AI- and machine learning-driven process analysis, easy data integration, and ease-of-use. These virtues will resonate with Appian customers. We are capable of addressing your most complex business workflows. We make use of the most advanced automation technologies, like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We simplify it all through low-code development to accelerate your time to value. And we don’t rest until you’ve seen success. These are all shared virtues between Appian and Lana. 

We are very excited to show you what this means for your business. Contact your Appian representative to learn more, or reach out to us at