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Punch Taverns

Punch Taverns is one of the UK’s largest leased pub companies with a portfolio of around 4,500 pubs nationwide. These are operated by thousands of enterprising individuals – Punch Partners – who are running their own pub businesses on Punch premises.

Punch Taverns Achieves True Business Transformation


Business Problem

Punch typically has about 400 pub projects of various types and in various states running at any given time. Investment and development by Punch typically increases a pub’s revenue return by 3x or more. The faster they can do it, the shorter the road to new revenue. Punch Taverns needed faster digital processes, better insight into their data, and mobility to free their field employees from their home offices to manage critical on-the-ground activities.

Appian Solution

Punch chose Appian Cloud as the platform to transform its core operations. Appian Records is Punch’s CRM system for pubs. Each Pub is a Record, with  data sourced from Punch’s ERP and other legacy systems and databases all centralized in one place. Records provides a 360-degree snapshot of the status of any pub throughout the investment process and through on-going operations. Appian has digitized all of the data, eliminating the more than 100 pages of documentation previously generated during the investment and rehabilitation process. 60 percent of Punch’s workforce is mobile, so Appian’s native mobility is crucial in enabling employees and Partners to take action at the point of engagement rather than waiting until they get back to the office. Better data management tied to process execution in a mobile world have streamlined Punch’s work to the point that the time needed to secure signatures on legal and other documents throughout pub investment, rehabilitation and operations has been reduced from one week to 10 minutes.

“Appian’s cloud-based software is very flexible and supports our agile development approach,” said Kevin Dalley, IT Director at Punch Taverns. “We were able to trial our first BPM solutions in a matter of weeks. We believe Appian, with its native mobile and social capabilities, will support us in providing the best service for our licensees.”

Kevin Dalley
IT Director