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Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) has been responsible for water supply and wastewater disposal in Berlin and parts of Brandenburg, Germany for more than 160 years. 

Business Problem

Berlin is growing steadily - between 2007 and 2016 the population grew by almost 200,000 people - and BWB has to adapt quickly to these changes. Therefore, “cross-media network construction” is a major topic. In Berlin, the current supply networks of the three main media are sewer, drinking water pipes (TWL) and wastewater pressure pipes (ADL) which need to be regularly expanded or renewed. The entire process of cross-media network construction is distributed internally across various departments and responsibilities, including external stakeholders such as the construction companies. BWB faced challenges with controlling and monitoring a complex and non-transparent process. 

Appian Solution

With the implementation of Appian Process Mining, BWB obtained comprehensive process transparency, identified important process characteristics, and key figures to achieve innovative, need-oriented controlling. Together with the data scientists from Appian, BWB was able to establish data consistency across various systems allowing for transparency across systems and departments. By understanding their processes,they could replace the original Excel-based controlling with  automated, centralized controlling. Ultimately, they used Appian Process Mining to create an integrated controlling system for easy cross system/ departmental process monitoring. 

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Innovative Process Controlling

Read the Case Study to understand how findings from the Process Mining analyses have given Berliner Wasserbetriebe a profound understanding of their processes.