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Defining excellence with the Automation Maturity Index.

In collaboration with Longitude, a Financial Times company, we surveyed 500 senior banking and asset management executives on their progress toward automation excellence. The results underpin the Appian Automation Maturity Index, designed to help you assess your automation maturity and how you score compared to leaders in financial services.

Starting with the right perspective.

10 measures of automation maturity in financial services.

Gain insights into your automation maturity, where you stand relative to competitors, and what actions to take you to the next level..

Chapter 1: The best vs. the rest.

Explore the strategies that define leading firms, and how automation excellence can drive competitive advantage.

Chapter 2: The people in the process.

Discover how leaders are building new levels of speed and agility with automation to deliver key benefits for customers and employees.

Chapter 3: Lighting the future.

Tap into the hallmarks of mature automation, including the future of automation excellence and the impact of unifying workflow platforms, low-code, and AI.

How do you rank? Measure your automation maturity now.

Benchmark your organization against a new standard based on findings from 500 senior banking and asset management executives from around the world.

Assessment tool.

Take 5 minutes to complete this one-of-a-kind interactive assessment and get your personalized score.

Automation maturity score.

Your customized report includes instant scoring of your automation journey so far, detailed results on key performance indicators, and best practices for your automation vision and execution.

5 stages of automation maturity.

Your assessment results will tell you which of the 5 stages of automation maturity your organization is currently in. The higher the stage, the more advanced your firm is in benefiting from automation.

10 measures of automation maturity.

Compare your progress against your peers by country or region, sub-industry, and size.

It goes beyond cost savings. The moment you shift your emphasis from cost to strategy, the entire company gets behind you.

Sathish Muthukrishnan, Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer, Ally


Map your journey toward automation excellence.