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Decision Rules

Manage complex business logic with no‑code.

Simplify intricate decision management.

Decision rules simplify complex business logic

Industry-Standard Formats

Empower IT and citizen developers to define and create business logic, based on Decision Modeling Notation (DMN) standards.

Built-In Design Guidance

Error-proof your business logic with real-time validation, integrated testing, automated overlapping and incomplete logic checks.

Reusable Everywhere

Make reusable decision rules accessible across your applications to drive actions, dynamic interfaces, task assignments or process execution.

Scale with Automation

Gain agility by seamlessly executing business decisions across your enterprise to meet changing business demands.

Appian’s best ratings were in capabilities such as process and business logic, architecture, governance and security and compliance.
Gartner Report, "Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms"

Stay in control of your data.

  • Familiar Decision Tables.
    Quickly configure decision tables based on the open Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard to easily structure your rules.
  • Scale with Conditional Settings.
    Each row can have multiple incoming conditions as well as results and multiple outputs.
  • Control Rule Execution.
    Flexible configuration to create your own rule execution order so you can decide whether your results should be unique or not.
  • Empower Collaboration.
    Using industry standard operators, business users and application designers can create complex decision logic together.
  • Automated Testing.
    Continuously test and get immediate feedback as you are defining your decisions.
  • Logic Checks in Real-Time.
    Identify when your business rules overlap, and pinpoint gaps for completeness.
  • Recommendations and Alerts.
    Built-in tooltip and flagging features helping you craft smarter decisions.
  • Dynamic Interfaces.
    Incorporate reusable decision logic into your user interfaces.
  • Drive Process Flow Logic.
    Reuse decisions to triage an unexpected event, or determine task assignment.
  • Power Decisions Externally.
    With Appian Web APIs, leverage your business rules in external systems. 
  • Increase productivity with RPA.
    Combine RPA and decision tables to automate tasks and processes.
  • Streamline workflows.
    Enable users to create, adjust, and automate decision rules in your workflows without coding.   
  • Manage Document Processing.
    Leverage decision rules to automate document processing.

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