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Refer an Opportunity

Please complete this form if you are not a current Appian Partner but would like to submit an opportunity for referral.

If you are an Appian Partner, please register your opportunity here.

An Appian Account Manager will review your submission and notify you of your referral status within 5 business days. If accepted, you may be eligible for a Referral Fee. See program details FAQ below.

To help us evaluate your referral, please include the following information in the opportunity description:

  • Who is the prospect?
  • In which country is the prospect located?
  • What is the business issue?
  • Are you working with an Appian sales representative?
  • Was an RFP issued?
  • What is the expected decision date?

For questions about the referral process or to discuss a specific opportunity, please email us at

Program Details FAQ

The opportunity must meet a minimum of $50,000 ACV (USD) per opportunity registered in the United States and Canada, and an equivalent of $35,000 ACV (USD) for opportunities registered outside of the United States and Canada to be eligible for financial rewards.

A “Prospect” is a potential customer of Appian software that is referred to Appian, must be new, not currently in the Appian pipeline, or previously contacted by Appian or Appian’s distribution channels.

A “Customer” is a Prospect who signs an agreement with Appian to license the Appian software from Appian within twelve (12) months of the date the Referral Notice was registered.

Appian will pay the submitter a Referral Fee calculated as a percentage (up to 8%) of the first-year License Revenue received by Appian within sixty (60) calendar days after Appian receives the corresponding License Revenue.

If Appian receives a Referral Notice with respect to a third party who does not satisfy the prospect criteria, Appian will notify the submitter within ten (10) business days.

Submission of a Referral Notice does not automatically entitle submitter to a Referral Fee payment. A Referral Agreement must be completed prior to payment of any applicable Referral Fee or its equivalent.

Referral Fees will not be paid if doing so violates any applicable rules or laws, including, but not limited to procurement rules prohibiting referrals, conflicts of interest, or anti-bribery laws.