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About Zimpatica

Zimpatica is a team of process engineers dedicated to modernizing IT systems through the use of business process management to increase efficiency, transparency and workflow automation. Appian is our platform of choice due to its staying power, versatility and ability to meet emerging requirements. We are a small minority-owned business with a combined 75 years of IT experience across our leadership team delivering solutions to government, commercial and not-for-profit entities.

We’ve created three pillars that form the foundation of our success: People, Tools, Process. We are firm believers that at the root of every successful project lies the right people, armed with the proper tools, following a set of refined and proven processes. At Zimpatica, you can expect highly skilled and motivated consultants to serve your needs. Our problem solving skills, attention to detail, and dedication to the client are what distinguish us.

Our consultants cultivate a variety of skills and perspectives through our internal development practices, acting in business and product owner roles in addition to development, to build an appreciation for the entire development lifecycle. Thus, every Zimpatica consultant can contribute insight and help with best practices across the breadth of a project.