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About Telefónica Empresas

Telefónica Empresas is a world leader in the digital market as a provider of technological solutions for Large Corporations and Companies. We accelerate the steps towards digitalization and facilitate access to all the technologies that improve business profitability, customer experience and business processes.

At Telefónica Empresas we help our customers to make their company's digital transformation a reality. Companies need to accelerate their digital transformation and now, more than ever is the time to do so. 

At Telefónica Empresas we want to help our customers develop or undertake any digital transformation project. Digitalization favors economic growth, strengthens competitiveness and promotes employment, as it has the potential to boost and radically renew industries.

Digital transformation is a key part of a company's modernization and competitiveness plan. We place all our capabilities at the service of our stakeholders, and make all the lessons learned in our own digital transformation available to them, offering a digital value proposition that combines technological and business know-how, with our own personal experience in the transformation of the Telefónica Group.