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About Spyrosoft S.A.

Spyrosoft is a technology services company that assists clients from the moment of product concept creation and technology selection, through the development of the deployment architecture and implementation, up to the system maintenance and end-user support.

The company has a wide range of expertise. With a number of branched teams, each focusing on a different field, it operates in industries such as: Automotive, Employee Experience & Education, Financial Services, Geospatial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industry 4.0, Robotics, or Media and Entertainment.

Spyrosoft was named the 1st fastest growing technology company in Europe in 2021. Founded in 2016, it currently employs over 1,400 specialists. Since then, the company has provided more than 100 mid-sized businesses and international corporations with professional software creation services. Spyrosoft is present in the USA, Argentina, India, UK, Norway, Germany, Croatia, Romania, and Poland, with HQ in Wroclaw.