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About Rivet Group

The mission of Rivet Group is to connect business with technology. We want to help our customers to best customize IT solutions to their business’ needs. Generally, we manage the complete range of the processes of:

  • Defining appropriate business and system’s requirements;
  • Planning the correct development;
  • Implementing IT solutions of the high quality;
  • Testing the solution (planning the whole test cycle, incl. performing tests);

RVG specialists, responsible for analysis, modeling and optimizing of the processes, analyze the as-is model, work on the should-be resolution, and help discover bottlenecks and in the end RVG proposes the solution. We work based on the best management methods and techniques, i.e. lean management and six sigma. In the domain of Business Implementation we design and develop our own RVG solutions. We also deploy both out-of-the-box and customized products, each created based on various technologies and specified customer requirements.

Rivet Group is a team of experts of various business and information technology domains. Combining different skills allows us to hold a complex view on a customer’s organization and to offer services adequate to customer’s needs.

We also operate an educational business, Rivet I Know, which organizes professional certified trainings, workshops, and individual coaching in software engineering and strategic management.