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About NextWave

NextWave provides consultancy to the Financial Services industry with a focus on progressive technology platform and service partners who are at the forefront of making financial services more effective, agile and safe. We work in Digital Transformation, Data, Platforms and Cyber. We are Appian solution and delivery partners.

Join Appian and NextWave at Insurance Transformation Summit 2024
19-20 June, 2024 | Excel, London

Keynote: Managing risk and compliance in financial institutions poses significant challenges, including reputational risks, hefty fines, and a myriad of compliance events from various sources. Responding to these events demands a well-connected and organized approach, necessitating access to accurate, timely data. Join us for a discussion highlighting the mosaic of perpetually shifting regulations, with an aim to equip participants with insights and strategies to convert regulatory challenges into actionable compliance pathways. 

EngAIge Compliance Solution
Engaige is a next generation compliance management solution. It is designed to help large organisations tackle the multitude of compliance issues, alerts and workflows efficiently and in one place, by bringing generative AI together with process automation and data integration across all available enterprise data sources. Engaige, powered by the Appian platform, has been built by combining deep compliance industry expertise with best-in-class low-code engineering, to create a feature-rich and scalable solution for global compliance functions.

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