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About Macedon Technologies

Macedon Technologies simplifies work by streamlining processes using the Appian platform - getting rid of the worst part of your work so you can concentrate on the most valuable tasks.

Our clients are looking to transform their businesses to meet the challenges of the future, and need a partner who is More than a Coder™; someone who asks the right questions and builds the right solutions, right from the start.

Macedon’s stringent hiring and training processes ensures our people are a unique combination of business and technology consults - which allows us to staff small, elite teams, reducing the number of handoffs, streamlining communication, and increasing velocity.  Macedon’s teams are US-based and 100% Appian certified, with 90+% holding Appian’s highest certification.   

With over 600+ successful Appian engagements for over 100 clients and a client satisfaction rating of 9.7, Macedon has helped save millions in additional efficiency across its 15 years.

Visit our Success Stories for real life impacts of our work:

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Our Services

We offer full-lifecycle system development, including discovery, architecture, analysis, design, implementation, integration, testing, and deployment. And, because the business doesn’t stop changing just because a project is finished, we offer support and sustainability to provide incremental changes to extend the long-term value of the application for your business. 

Macedon goes beyond completing projects or supporting applications; we also train our customers in Agile, build Change Management plans, and support a true platform approach through Governance and COE.

Regardless of where you are in your Appian journey, Macedon has appropriate services to help you:

Our Solutions

At Macedon, we have leveraged our experience in delivering general and industry-specific solutions over the last ten years to develop a comprehensive asset repository for the Appian platform. Our solutions jump-start projects, extending what Appian supports out-of-the-box. They are available at Appian’s AppMarket and on Amazon Marketplace.

Example industry-specific solutions include:

Stage & Gate Solution

Macedon has extended Appian to include an easily configurable Stage Gate process, applicable for nearly every business. Phases of work (Stages) are linked with structured and validated deliverables alongside context-driven collaboration where progress can be tracked. Stages are followed by decision points (Gates), where a committee of approvers evaluate if the proposed work is ready to proceed to the next phase (sometimes called a “go/no go” decision).

Macedon’s turn-key Stage & Gate solution is fully customizable, provides transparency across all initiatives undergoing the stage-and-gate process, promotes accuracy of the deliverables required for each gate, and has iron-clad security for these mission-critical decisions.

Examples of Stage & Gate processes include Idea to Launch, Capital Budgeting, New Product Development, Sales Deal Desks,  and Change Control Management

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