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About Kualty

We understand that reaching an optimal level of productivity can take months and once we achieve it, in this fast-paced and global market, people decide to go looking for new challenges or simply want to change. At Kualty, we do not discuss whether there is a high or low turnover of staff. We know that there simply will be and that is why we establish rotating staffing models with continuous training (Shadows) that help us reduce the impact that turnover has on projects with our clients. The model works like a soccer team and that we explain below. The technical director knows that his starters for a match will have a performance and that approximately in the 60th minute, they will begin to decline in their performance (rotation). Therefore, he designs from before the match who will replace these players in said minute. These replacement players in training were taught the same as the starter on what to do and how to do it, even when they enter the game, they know how it was developing. That is, they have all the context to give their best performance.