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About Innovative Management Solutions, Inc. (IMS)

Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) is a solutions provider with a core competency in Project Portfolio Management. Since 1993, IMS has worked hand-in-glove with our customers to design, implement, support and evolve their Project Portfolio Management Systems.

IMS enables organizations to transform their project management capabilities by delivering new levels of efficiency, visibility, collaboration, and change control. Our purpose-built solutions for project planning and delivery transform processes and enable data-driven decision making to improve strategy, execution, operations, and financial performance.

IMS’ Project Information Center (PIC) is a purpose-built, single sign-on, multi-tenant web portal that includes:

  • Interactive Visual Analytics
  • Educational Tools and Content (For Technology and Process Training)
  • Simplified and Automated workflow & e-forms
  • Help Desk
  • Access to hosted applications