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About Crystal System Group Ltd.

Crystal System is a strategic partner to some of the largest companies in Europe, Asia and North America. We undertake Consultancy, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of IT systems for large and medium-size organizations.

Founded in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania, Crystal System has successfully developed its:

Technology Unit

  • SAP
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management, BPM & RPA
  • Web, Cloud and Mobile technologies

Appian is part of Crystal’s offering and, being an innovative application platform, it is an area of great interest for many of its clients. Crystal combines its Appian BPM knowledge successfully with RPA technologies like UiPath and has developed products like the Appian Importer and UiPath Test Automation.

Consulting Unit

Crystal Consulting offers Management and Technology Consulting to its clients to provide end-to-end services across organization, processes and workflows.

Crystal Talent Solution

Due to its unique University Educational Program, Crystal Talent Solution is able to transform students into TALENTS “Ready to Work” and offers these valuable talents to its clients and partners.

With Offices located in Romania, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus, and Albania, Crystal System has direct access to one of the world’s highest and finest concentrations of IT & Consulting specialists. Indeed, this region of East-Europe has a long-standing technology culture and demonstrates a well-established University network strongly focused on computer science, engineering, mathematics and statistics.

The considerable talent of the local IT & Consulting specialists provides our company with the unique capability of accelerating results and cutting costs while maintaining state-of-the-art quality, as required by market leaders.

By focusing on quality through people, Crystal System has gained a significant competitive edge through extensive international experience in offering value added IT outsourcing, development, consulting and TALENT services.