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+33 6 21 48 48 00

About Arondor

Arondor is an IT company created in 2002 by specialists in document management, Arondor proposes business solutions covering the entire document lifecycle. From the beginning, the founders relied on their know-how to create and develop Arondor by capitalizing on the expertise of each team member. With its experience in fixed-rate projects, Arondor logically created its own service center in 2008 to guarantee and evolve the solutions implemented among its clients. Arondor then capitalized on its feedback in terms of business expertise and use cases to develop its software and build ready-to-use vertical business-oriented solutions.

The company is headquartered in Paris, France with a team of 170 employees (including 120 consultants), Arondor provides all services from designing upstream requirements to application development and project implementation.