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IDG Survey Report: The Impact of Low-Code on IT Satisfaction

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How satisfied are IT professionals with their jobs and the specifics of how they spend their time? How successfully do they feel they are meeting business objectives? Conversely, what pressures do they feel are mounting, and how can those pressures be reduced?

Appian commissioned IDG to explore such questions through a survey of IT leaders and developers at large enterprises. The results serve as a wake-up call for organizations looking to get the most from their IT talent in transforming the business and adapting emerging technologies as part of a larger digital transformation strategy.

The data shows that business pressure on IT is increasing due to the hunger for new emerging-technology applications and digital experiences. But developers feel weighed down by mundane tasks that prevent them from working on more exciting projects. At the same time, IT leaders want more recognition for driving business innovation.

Read the full survey report for insight into:

  • Why more than 50% of IT developers report low satisfaction with key aspects of their jobs.
  • Why 80% of IT professionals say emerging technologies are increasing business pressure on IT.
  • Why developers say the #1 way to help IT and reduce job frustration is “faster/easier development tools,” and why nearly 80% believe that using low-code can free up developer time to work on higher-level projects.